Our company has started first production is 2012. Production quality and amount is increasing each day. Alternative design and models will be produced in further periods but today we are producing and working on a single model.

Different colors and custom modifications can be made depending on your requests.

Train Features
  • 20 seat vagons
  • Handicapped Ramp
  • LCD television
  • Music - Sound System
  • Led Lights
  • Top Lamp
  • Leather seats
  • Advanced plastic gel covered body
  • Locomotive heating-cooling system
  • Maximum 2 vagons
  • Top heat isolation system

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In our customer portfolio, there are many companiesw and organisations such as Alanya Municipality, Antalya ASKA Hotels and more...

Color Alternatives - However you like

These are just samples - body and seat colors are also can be changed depending on your wishes. Gezi Treni Kırmızı

City Tour Train Gray

City Tour Train Yellow

City Tour Train Blue

City Tour Train Pink

City Tour Train Turquoise

City Tour Train Krem

City Tour Train Purple

City Tour Train Green

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